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Anniversary Commission:

A friend commissioned a watercolour painting for their partner as an anniversary present. She had basic idea of what she wanted but gave me complete creative freedom - I much prefer this kind of commission and the enjoyment of the process definitely came through the artwork.

Avena Osborn 'Soul's Connecting' 2019 -

Soul's Connecting  2019, watercolour on paper, 21 x 29.7 cm


Portrait Commission:

A portrait commission requested online from a woman whom gifted it to her Father as a birthday present. Her mother passed away from cancer recently and she wanted a portrait done as a tribute to her and her parents eternal love.

Avena Osborn - Portrait Commission 2019.

Eternal Love 2019, oil on canvas , 30 x 45 cm


Portrait/Figure Commission:

Vintage style portrait of a family friend's beloved famous Mother. Mimicking the tones and warm colours of the vintage photograph. Currently working on another highly detailed commission of her in oil. 

Vintage Vanderfelt 2015, graphite and pastel on paper, 25 x 30cm


Requested Ring:

A friend ordered one of my lost wax cast rings with a request to oxidise the inside to match a necklace she already purchased from me. It was nice to see both versions contrasted beside one another.

 Emerge 2015, cast sterling silver


Ordered Ring:

A customer at our jewellery stall ordered this ring with a request to resize and oxidise it to a rainbow finish. 

Ascend 2015, cast sterling silver


Early Commission:

A friend commissioned a graphite drawing of a Calf. The detail and highly contrasted tonal work was satisfying after neglecting the medium for months.

 Calf 2013, graphite and paper

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