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Flux & Fumes

 Fine Art by Avena Osborn

About the Artist

Avena Osborn is an emerging artist based in North Sydney New South Wales, Australia.

After recently completing her Bachelor of Fine Art at the Queensland Collage of Art (Griffith University), she has started to expand her connections and hopes to become an international artist.


"All artworks should reflect the artist no matter the concept, medium or process. In my case they stem from my passions, interests, beliefs and personal experiences. Every work contains energy and emotion to relate and connect with the viewer in an intermit way.

I am an interdisciplinary artist, always shifting to and fro between various mediums, allowing them to integrate with one another and create opportunities for new processes and concepts. Painting, jewellery and drawing are my preferred mediums, however I always find it revitalising to immerse myself in multiple mediums to experiment and increase my range of skills. 


My early work varies conceptually to coincide with the different mediums I use. However, I have always felt a strong passion for nature, that is inevitably reflected in my work practice. Whether it is an environmental protest to protect and preserve, a personal expression, or simply to capture the extraordinary organic forms nature creates. My recent work explores the intricate patterns repeated in nature, the microcosm and macrocosm within our universe, earth’s biological evolutions and it’s integrated consciousness."

Artist CV

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